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Brazil has a rich and colourful history. It's complicated. Portugal claimed its land in 1500, importing 1000's of African slaves, and fighting off invasions from France and Holland. In 1825 Brazil became a country in their own right. (And this melting pot of so many cultures is why they have so many of the most beautiful people in the world. After Australia of course. Ha !)

So anyway back to business. Thats why we called this blouse Liberty! (Freedom! I won't let you down, I will not give you up)

And its gorgeous, just like Brazilians.
100% cotton broderie, with lace and pom pom trim detail and self covered buttons at the neckline. Lined in nude voile so you can see all the gorgeous detail of the lace. Go up a size in this one and undo the buttons to get it on.

Perfect back with everything.

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