BEHIND ss16 & inspiration

The inspiration behind this years collection has come from a lifetime
growing up around the thoroughbred breeding industry. 

All year round there is the daily job of hand feeding the dappled,
big bellied mares. The farm quietens in August due to a mass exodus
as they get sent to stud, for carefully selected stallion visits and to foal down. 

Next the countdown of waiting for them to arrive home with their fuzzy haired, spindly legged, inquisitive babies.  The next crop of champions.

Each summer is spent with early dawn starts to beat the heat, walking, educating & preparing the young horses for the sales around Australia. 

Then the thrill of following them to the track.  

Hearing the thunder of hooves to the finish line, the jockeys colourful silks, glamorous flowing dresses and the most beautiful of all the horses.

Also the memories from working in Ireland for a racing stable.
Riding the laneways, so green and so different to Australia. 

Clipping past on horseback passing crumbling castles,
flowering hedges and the famous endless open green plains of
the Curragh racecourse. 

Racing is known as the Sport of Kings. But for those that really know,
it is a very special & unique industry that binds people from all
walks of life, for the love of the horse. 


Photo credit - Asuncion Pineyrua

Photo credit - Asuncion Pineyrua