The Calm before the Storm.


We are waiting for our summer collection ’The Shellseekers’ to arrive. As soon as the mountain of boxes hit, all hands on deck (Mum, Aunt Fi and dogs on standby) ready for pick and pack frenzy to our Australia wide stockists as then we move house the minute its finished. #timing #verybad.

We're also waiting for the Winter 2016 samples to arrive. We communicate with the manufacturers over Skype, Whats App & email. The minute on waking up each morning we jump online like obsessed Tinder addicts. Normally we travel to the factories to do this but for reasons we will disclose later this year we can’t. So this is the only way to troubleshoot any miscommunication between the designs and sometimes random Indian interpretation.

Here are some behind the scenes pics of our Summer shoot we did in Feb. The most spectacular house loaned to us by a friend for the day. Thanks Jac. We loved our model Cisco…beautiful inside and out. As the photographer said on the day ‘Look at that ass’!  

Between the house, Cisco and the boldest prints yet, we felt it was our Australian 2015 version of Slim Aarons’s famous quote "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places".